Wraparound Services for autistic children in Pittsburgh, PA

What Are Wraparound Services?

“Wraparound” is another name for Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services (BHRS). BHRS is a Medicaid-funded program that utilizes trained professionals to support children under the age of 21. The child must be evaluated by a licensed psychologist or board certified psychiatrist who provides a mental health diagnosis. Children who experience severe behavioral disturbances at home, school or in the community, qualify for these services. BHRS utilize principles of CAASP (Child and Adolescent Serving System Program) by implementing a strength based approach to behavioral interventions and strategies.

Wraparound Services

Who Will Work With My Child?

Wraparound services are provided by a team of trained professionals which can include one, two or all three of the following individuals: Behavior Specialist Consultant (BSC), Mobile Therapist (MT) and Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS). A licensed psychologist or psychiatrist determines the services that will best meet your child’s needs. Educational requirements of our clinicians range from an Associates’ degree to a Master’s degree and all employees are required to pass an FBI clearance, PA Criminal Record Check (Act 34) and PA Child Abuse History Clearance (Act 33).

Can Wraparound Services Help a Child With Autism?

Allegheny Psychological Services, PC has professionally trained staff who specialize in assisting children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Our qualified professionals are able to make a difference in the lives of these children and their families.

Services for children with autism in Pittsburgh, PA
Services for autistic children in Pittsburgh, PA

When and Where are Services Provided?

Settings can include, but are not limited to home, school, and community. In most cases, a schedule will be established in the beginning of treatment which is convenient for everyone involved.

What Activities Cannot Be Performed By My BHRS Team?

  • Replace school personnel
  • Help with homework
  • Substitute for a parent or other caregiver
  • Provide general child care
  • Provide parenting relief or respite
  • Provide community activities that are not a part of the treatment plan
  • Provide transportation for a child or family
Mental Health Services for children in Pittsburgh, PA

What Can I Expect?

A Behavioral Treatment Plan is developed based upon your child’s specific needs. The Behavioral Treatment Plan will include goals, objectives and interventions. The Behavioral Treatment Plan is created by a team which may include the client, family, parents, guardians, teachers, service coordinators, therapists, counselors and/or other persons involved with the client.